2-col Carbtune Pro
2-col Carbtune Pro
2-col Carbtune Pro
2-col Carbtune Pro
2-col Carbtune Pro
2-col Carbtune Pro

2-col Carbtune Pro

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FOR EU CUSTOMERS. Brexit, the gift that keeps on giving. Now we can't send to EU because of Brexit stupidity. In next couple of days we will provide places where you can buy in your own country or nearby EU country. List will appear on www.carbtune.com


COVID-19. EU and Rest of World deliveries are mostly normal at about 2-3 weeks but a proportion can TAKE LONGER THAN NORMAL TO ARRIVE.  IF YOU CAN'T WAIT PLEASE DON'T ORDER. 


 The 2-column Carbtune Pro will work on twins. 

The new upgraded Carbtune Pro kit comes complete with Toolpouch, nitrile hoses, 5mm and 6mm brass adapters to fit virtually any motorcycle, restricters, comprehensive instructions and warranty.

£56 for Carbtune 2-col and Toolpouch.
The Toolpouch stores the Carbtune and accessories in a neat protective padded nylon case.
Superior resolution to dial type gauges
Easily read scale
Comes complete with 2 x 5mm and 2 x 6mm brass adapters and rubber hoses to fit virtually any bike
Stainless steel columns indicate vacuum
No calibration or set-up required
High impact plastic casing and scale tubes - no glass
Dampers supplied to reduce fluctuations
Clips onto handlebars for hands free operation
Full instructions
Stores in your toolkit
2-column system for fours, triples, or twins
Dimensions: 280mm x 80mm x 25mm
Weight: 280gm (Body only)
The New Carbtune Pro - good quality, good price.

Using the same principle as the Carbtune II it replaces but upgraded and redesigned to ensure better and more consistent assembly and performance.

It contains NO mercury or any liquids.

Carbtune Pro synchronizes the carbs on Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, BMW, Ducati, Guzzi, Laverda, Triumph and Honda motorcycles and virtually any other multi-carburetted or fuel injected engine.

Carbtune Pro also works with fuel injection throttle bodies.

Fuel injection
For most bikes with fuel injection, you still have to balance your throttles. Carbtune will do this as easily as it does for bikes with carburettors.

Save money and service your own vehicles. Don't pay those big hourly garage labour rates when you can do it yourself easily and quickly.

Easily and accurately sync 4-stroke outboards, snowmobiles, microlight aircraft and sports cars. Also works on some 2-stroke engines like Suzuki triples.

Each Carbtune Pro kit comes complete with warranty, comprehensive instructions, nitrile hoses, restricters and 5mm and 6mm adapters to fit virtually any motorcycle.

Morgan sells the new Carbtune Pro direct from the factory to customers worldwide. Saves you money. Cuts out the middlemen and ensures everyone can have the fully guaranteed Carbtune delivered airmail direct to their address for a total of £58 British pounds UK (Europe £59 about 69 euro), Rest of World £66 - about US$85. That's the total price delivered to your postal address. (Note all prices are in £GBP, UK pounds)

Top quality equipment at an affordable price.

Everyday we send Carbtunes all around the World by airmail.
Carbtunes are normally despatched inside one working day. 


Delivery is £2 in the UK, £3 airmail to Europe and £8 airmail to the USA, Japan, Australia, N Zealand. £15 Rest of World + Canada


The 2-col Carbtune is identical in size and design to the 4-col Carbtune except it only has two column tubes and two each of the other components.