Nitrile Hoses

Nitrile Hoses

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Nitrile Hoses

4 x 1 metre lengths £14
2 x 1 metre lengths £8
8cm Restricter (enough for 4 restricters) is £1 when bought with hoses.

Nitrile hose comes in 1 metre lengths for connecting gauges to carburettors. Will work with almost any gauges. Approximate 5mm id x 8mm od.

This is not a fuel hose and should not be used for a fuel supply.

Click on the down box below to add 8cm Restricter tube that will work with both the Carbtune Pro and Carbtune II. 1 piece of restricter (8cm) is enough to be cut into 4 pieces (2cm each) for 4 hoses.
The end of the nitrile hose with restricter in, goes towards the engine.
The base price is £14 for 4 x 1m hoses.